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Advanced Cabinetry Custom Cabinets

Built right in our own shop, to your exact requirements.

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Advanced Cabinetry Products

Built Right In Our Own Shop, To Your Exact Requirements.

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Trusted Craftmanship

Quality Cabinets

Cabinetry sets the tone and ambiance in any room. You may choose from a variety of door styles, wood species, stains, and even colors. We offer limited lifetime warranties so you can buy with confidence that your investment will last!

We can build cabinets for you directly in our shop for that truly unique and custom design.  

professional, courteous and efficient

Our Capabilites

Complete Design and Installation

We come out to your home and do the measuring, get a feel for your style and budget through one-on-one meetings with you, and architect a solution that you will love. We order, deliver, and provide full installation of all of the elements of your final design from appliances to fixtures to knobs, everything is covered including plumbing and electrical. And, we use our own skilled installers*. You get to see the results without getting dirty or breaking your back – instant gratification!

​*Installations requiring major electrical or plumbing may require us to utilize a licensed subcontractor. We have developed close relationships with our subcontractors and trust them implicitly to do the same high-quality job as our own installers

Do-It-Yourself Installation

For the homeowner who is quite handy with power tools, has the time (or friends) to do the work, knows how to measure accurately, and comes in with design and measurements in hand, we offer consultation and ordering for your cabinetry, appliances, and fixtures. We also can manufacture your countertop (if applicable) in our shop and deliver it to your location (fee-based).

Builder Or Contractor

If you plan to or are currently working with a builder or contractor you like, we can work hand-in-hand with them and you to deliver your project with the right products and installation option.

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