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Cabinet Types – What you need to know

With so many options for cabinetry, it’s a good idea to know what types of cabinetry are out there. Door style and color options are just one part of shopping for cabinetry. So what are the different types of cabinets? Stock, semi-custom, and custom cabinets – your needs and wants and the size of the investment you want to make will determine which type of cabinetry you end up with. Here are descriptions of each.

Stock Cabinets

As the name indicates, these are the standard sizes and styles offered in a given line of cabinetry. Merillat’s has two lines of stock cabinets. Merillat’s most popular stock line, Classic, has over 20 door styles, four wood species, dozens of finishes and optional plywood sides and dovetailed drawers. And the best part is that they can deliver the cabinets in as little as 5 business days.

With all the extra options and features offered by stock cabinets, they are still relatively limited compared to the other cabinet types. However, the quality of stock cabinets is very good, with reliable hardware and solid construction. Stock cabinets are a good value and can be the perfect solution for people looking for quality while remodeling on a limited budget.


Semi-custom cabinets are very popular with homeowners for their versatility and quality. Semi-custom cabinets offer minor modifications to standard cabinets such as reducing or increasing the depth of the cabinets, installing glass in the doors, and more. Semi-custom cabinets offer even more door styles. We carry three lines of semi-custom cabinetry: Merillat Masterpiece and Brookhaven I and II. Brookhaven offers over 25 types of door styles in each line and Merillat Masterpiece offers over 30 door styles with 5 different wood species and over 130 finish options.

Semi-custom cabinets offer not only a greater range of options but also come with premium quality and construction. Semi-custom cabinets are moderately priced to give homeowners an outstanding value.  


Custom cabinets will be made to meet any need or desire you might have, but with customized features, greater value, and quality comes a greater investment.  Most custom cabinet manufacturers have a large variety of standard sizes and designs that they can then modify and configure into any design or size requirement.

One thing to know about custom cabinets is that they usually don’t have the option of customized door styles. Our custom cabinet manufacturer Wood-Mode offers two different lines and will customize just about anything outside of the door style. Wood-Mode offers 10 wood species and almost an endless variety of stains and colors. And Wood-Mode will custom match unique finishes to customers’ specifications.

Custom cabinetry offers homeowners almost limitless possibilities with the finest quality and construction possible.

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