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Frequently Asked Questions of Kitchen Remodeling

Choosing to remodel your kitchen is an investment that can greatly add to the value of your home but more importantly, it will make living in your home a much more enjoyable experience. The total investment you’ll make in remodeling your kitchen depends on several factors. The size of the project, the type of cabinets you decide on, the type of countertop you chose, whether you’re replacing appliances, or redoing your floor will all contribute to the size of your investment.

We recommend that you visit our showroom to discuss your budget with our experienced designers. Our designers have years of experience helping homeowners pick-out the perfect kitchen. We’ll meet with you to discuss your needs and wants, and we'll help you find the perfect balance that also meets your budget. 

Depending on the requirements of your design and the extent of work we’ll be doing, the process can vary. Here are the basic steps in kitchen remodels:

  • Whatever you’re replacing in your kitchen will be torn out.

  • Electrical work – if required – will be moved/installed.

  • Plumbing work – if required – will be moved/installed.

  • Walls will be patched – if needed – and prepared for paint.

  • Your new cabinets will be installed.

  • The final measure for your countertops is done.

  • Trim and molding for the cabinets are installed.

  • The countertop – once fabricated – is installed.

  • The final plumbing and appliances are connected to a fully functioning kitchen.

  • The new floor is installed – if applicable.

Cabinets are delivered to our shop before being delivered to your home since the pallets are too heavy and large to be removed from the truck at your home. Merillat stock cabinets take 7 to 10 business days to be delivered to our shop. Merillat’s semi-custom cabinets usually take 4 to 5 weeks and Wood-Mode custom cabinets take between 8 and 10 weeks. 

If Advanced Cabinetry, Inc. is performing the installation, the average amount of time a remodel takes - from the time the job starts at the tear out, to completion of your kitchen - is approximately 1 to 2 weeks.

The total time for the installation of your new kitchen can also be affected by the type of countertops you choose. Since there can be variances, the final measure for countertops is done after the new cabinetry is installed. Our custom laminate tops, solid surfaces, and granite take about 2 weeks to fabricate; quartz may take 3 to 4 weeks.

  • You can expect our experienced and courteous installers to move swiftly and work as cleanly as possible.

  • Our installers will respect your home and your privacy while working on your remodel.

  • For most of the duration of your remodel, your kitchen will be out of commission; so, be prepared to eat out for a little while.

  • Expect to love your new kitchen!

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