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Kitchen Trends for 2024

One of the biggest trends in cabinetry is, well, the lack of cabinetry. Open wall shelving is becoming increasingly popular among people who prefer their kitchens to have a more airy look, or who just want to show off how much cookware they have. Don’t start mourning the death of the cabinet, though. Closed cabinets aren’t going anywhere. They’re more often paired with open cabinets for a mix of the traditional and the new.

Color and Wood Choices

Two separate trends are sweeping the design world at the moment, both on opposite ends of the chromatic scale. In an era where design as a whole is shifting towards minimalism, it’s only appropriate that the two most basic colors should be all the rage in kitchen design.

Kitchens with black as their primary color create an aura of class, taste and ultra-modern sophistication and are very popular with urbanites. (Not to mention it hides dirt really well.)

Meanwhile, white shaker-style doors can create a light look in a kitchen and are perfect for making an already sunlit kitchen look even brighter. It’s most popular with people who are going for a rustic look in their kitchen, but flat white doors can also lend themselves very well to a contemporary design.

Kitchens incorporating both black and white are also great for creating a very striking, stark

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