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New Kitchen Trends for 2024

Kitchen Trends on the Rise –

White White White – White cabinetry, white countertops white backsplashes. Do or don’t? Believe it or not, there are a lot of designers and homeowners alike who are doing it. White on white has come back. Done right, this less-is-more design aesthetic can work well in either contemporary or traditional styles.

If that’s too much white for you here’s what designers and homeowners are doing to spice this style up colored glass tile backsplashes for added dimension in the walls, glass inserts in the cabinetry doors with interior lighting to showcase your beautiful dishware, artful pulls, and knobs cleverly chosen can appear to be the jewelry of the room, an eye-catching countertop of granite or quartz to anchor it all together and lots of beautiful molding and accent pieces in the cabinetry for a rich and personal style that makes your cabinetry feel more like furniture.

Wait, is that laminate I see making a comeback? Yep, laminate has come a long way from its older-cheap-and-boring-square counterpart from the ’60s through the early ’90s. New edge styles combined with amazing new laminate designs and finishes have turned laminate into a cost-effective alternative that will make your kitchen the envy of your family, friends, and neighbors.

Lastly, mix up your cabinets – another new trend on the rise is mixing up wood stained cabinets with wood painted cabinets or using two different stains. White and wood, black and wood, and even the latest color trends with wood are accentuating our lives and bringing warmth and character to our kitchens like never before. Use a lighter stain on your base and wall cabinets and then go with a more dramatic color on your island, or use a white cabinet for the base cabinets and go with a wood stain on your wall cabinets.

In today’s kitchens, there are limitless possibilities for making your kitchen a reflection of your own taste and style. Don’t be afraid to customize your kitchen to make a dramatic statement that any guest will love. Kitchens are one of the most well-used areas of the home – it’s easier than ever to individualize yours to a style and level of functionality that suits your daily needs and lives to impress.

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